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Indigo Vintage Hemp Patchwork Pillow

Indigo Vintage Hemp Patchwork Pillow

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The vintage hemp pieces on our patchwork hemp pillows have lived a life! Originally part of traditional Hmong skirts, they have accompanied their wearers while farming, cooking, looking after children and celebrating.

Our patchwork pillows are made from repurposed pieces of vintage hemp skirts that are no longer wearable or have been recovered from markets. Each pillow is ethically handmade in a sewing studio in Chiang Mai. A handsome gold zipper gives these vintage pieces a bold finish.

**Each pillow cover is one-of-a-kind. Expect slight variations in patchwork pattern and color, which adds to their uniqueness! Due to the nature of each pillow being entirely handmade, slight imperfections may be presentSize: 24" x 24". Care: Gently handwash in cold water and hang dry or lay flat. *Insert not included.

About Hmong & Their Textiles

Ethnic Hmong communities originated in southern China. They migrated to northern Thailand, Laos and Vietnam around the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Hmong communities are deeply connected to nature. This is reflected through motifs and rituals in their textiles, ceremonies and animist worship.  

The Hmong are masters at crafting hemp textiles, indigo dyeing, indigo batik and embroidery. This artistry is evident in their textiles, particularly the iconic Hmong skirt. Each skirt is made from panels of hemp. Woven on backstrap loom, the each panel can be as long as 7 or 8 meters and as wide as 10 to 12 inches. The hemp panels are left in their natural white or ecru shade, or dyed in indigo. Often the indigo panels are further embellished with hand-drawn candle-wax batik and applique. The panels are gathered in pleats to create volume and warmth! It's a testament to good design—functional and beautiful!


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