Our Story

I am Aubrey Wilde, the Founder of A Wilde Collective. I've had a passion for creating beautiful things for as long as I can remember. I was so blessed to grow up in a family that loved being creative and allowed space to pursue it. I remember as a young girl my mother creating so many beautiful things. Sending me off to school with the sweetest love notes on folded napkins and always finding creative ways to make everyday moments special. So much of what I know and love is due to watching my mother pursue her passion for creating beautiful things.

Fast forward to my later years I went to college for Fashion and never looked back. I was eager and so excited to start my career as a Merchandiser and quickly worked my way up to Assistant Project Manager and Buyer for Garnet Hill Kids. This, in a very small but quaint snow filled town in New Hampshire is where I found my path and true love for creating beauty.

After spending a few years at Garnet Hill my husband and I choose to move back to Maine, our happy place and where we now spend our summers. Shortly after moving back we had our son. Our days were filled with exploring new hiking paths in the Camden Foot Hills, warm sunny days collecting seashells on the beach and boat rides to far away islands. This, is where my love for nature and where all of my inspiration for what was to come started to blossom.

I knew deep down that one day, when the time felt right, I would finally go after those big dreams. Shortly after having our daughter we moved to northern California. I was finally ready to jump back into the fashion industry that I loved so much and started consulting for several different brands as well as became the Creative Director for Mer St Barth.

When the pandemic hit our family made the decision to move back to Oklahoma (where I was born and raised) to be closer to family. This, is where I finally brought together all of my inspiration from the last few years, decades really, and began to bring my visions into the light. My dream for creating a brand that focused on beautiful and intentionally designed pieces that could be passed on. A brand that created space for slowing down and cherishing the simple, everyday moments.

This, is where A Wilde Collective was born.


We love working with retailers that are aligned with our values!

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